Continue the journey by Andrea Segre and his companions in the cold, vast lands of Kazakhstan

After having arrived by train in Karabatan, a small village about 50 km from Atyrau, touching the properties of the KCO, the AGIP-ENI consortium that manages a large refinery, the FuoriRotta journey continues by Andrea Segre and mates, in the middle of Kazakh steppes. They are now at precise point where the Caspian gives way to the steppe and past rivers become dry gravel beds.

Our travelers write: «From a distance, in an expanse of gray sand and red mosses, one of those points approaching us. It is faster, but has a strange shape: it can not be a motorcycle, but not a car. As we reached, we understand it is an old sidecar green, carrying three large men dressed as hunters. We follow them: each sign in the desert is the beginning of a curiosity, but this is even more so. The three men, tangled in the little sidecar of metal and rust, are not hunters, but  fishermen». Poachers!

How they welcome our travelers, equipped with photo and video cameras? How intruders? How curious people? Or as fingidos tourists, secret agents to control illegal fishing?

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