Montura at the Amsterdam Metstrade with all the latest from its Keep Sailing collection

Amsterdam, 11th November 2018

The Amsterdam Metstrade, the prestigious international leisure marine equipment trade fair, is back again this year. Montura introduced its Keep Sailing line in Holland during last year’s edition and will be presenting all the latest products featured in this top-selling line from Tuesday 13 November to Thursday 15 November.
Montura met with great success at Genoa’s Boat Show in September and now will be presenting a full range of its innovative clothes line at Metstrade: a selection of technologically advanced apparel including the Goretex Pro waxed products of the Conero Line (Jacket, Pants and Spray Top) designed for all athletes and professionals who participate in sailing events taking place in extreme environments, those produced as Prometeo 3 Layers in the Gargano Line and even the complete range of products for intermediate layers and underwear. The company’s experience of designing and manufacturing garments for the extreme environments of the highest altitude spans two decades and has now been converted into apparel for even the most demanding sailors.
Many professionals have contributed to the research and development of these new Montura products from the very start. These include ocean skipper Gaetano Mura and the young team of the Melges 24 Arkanoè by Montura captained by the skipper Sergio Caramel. Over the years, these experts have been joined by the protagonist of the Northwest Passage Enrico Tettamanti, ocean skipper Michele Zambelli, the recipient of numerous world titles and other awards Enrico Zennaro and – last but not least – Slovenian native Olympic sailor Karlo Hmeljak.
Skipper Sergio Caramel will be in Amsterdam representing Montura along with all the other great athletes mentioned above.

So, the dates are set in Amsterdam from Tuesday 13 November to Thursday 15 November at Booth 05.167 of the Italian Pavilion.