The event promoted by the Rieti division of the CAI Italian Alpine Club with a contribution from Montura packs in the spectators

“Mountains in my heart”, the evening dedicated to mountain climbing organized for Saturday 1 March by the Rieti division of the CAI Italian Alpine Club at the Auditorium Varrone, was memorable thanks also to the outstanding participation of an extremely motivated public which was not limited to Rieti natives. In fact, guests arrived from the regions of Emilia, Tuscany, Campania and Central Italy. Many people did not make it through the doors due to the huge crowd. Mauro Corona and Erri de Luca spared no words and conveyed powerful messages to be carved into the rock. They were overwhelmed and extremely pleased by the huge turnout and the audience’s warm response and attention. Nobody made a sound; everyone listened attentively without moving a muscle (literally)! As the poetic images by Enrico Ferri of trees and the Dolomites were projected along with other photographs from the private journals of the two famous writers and friends, Mauro and Erri were invited to talk about many issues: the woods, the professions of mountain man and writer, art (Corona is also a very gifted wood sculptor), the Dolomites as a  World Heritage Site and stage of World War I, the mountains and the life philosophy that they teach us, nature, culture, Vajont and announced disasters, Mount Terminillo and which kind of economic development is actually sustainable today in the mountains.
Mayor Petrangeli welcomed everyone officially. He, too, was pleasantly surprised by the magical atmosphere. The evening concluded with the announcement that a new graduate course in Science of the Mountains would be inaugurated in 2014 at the Tuscia–Sabina Universities, the first and only one of its kind in Italy to train young people in Rieti and Cittaducale who are interested in living and working in the Apennine Mountains in full respect of natural environments. The announcement met with thunderous applause.
Before the event opened, a festive crowd of young people welcomed the event’s protagonists at the Gulliver Bookshop. Proof that reading the stories written by Mauro Corona and Erri de Luca resists the tests of time and trends, revealing other latitudes of being that are comforting and lasting.