The exhibition of the most important Italian woman photographer at Nuova Galleria Civica Montecchio Maggiore

Until July 12, 2015

In the old coach of a tram - trains at low speeds of the past - it is born a new beautiful gallery.

Montura once again embraces the great Italian culture, claiming the first major exhibition of the Nuova Galleria Civica di Montecchio Maggiore, a strategic center of the Northeast, in the province of Vicenza.

Letizia Battaglia is the most famous Italian woman photographer, known for portraying tragic Mafia crimes, painful and beautiful faces of Sicilian women or girls still immersed in the dream. Known around the world, he has received numerous international awards, including the Prix Eugene Smith (New York, 1985), Dr. Erich Salomon Award (Cologne, 2007) and the Cornell Capa Infinity Award (New York, 2009 ).

The exhibition of Montecchio, curated by Alberto Peruffo and Giuliano Menato, has already seen in the first weeks of opening a large number of visitors, including the interest and participation of important personalities of Italian culture, as Riccardo Caldura, famous lecturer by Accademia delle Belle Arti in Venice and soul of the Centro Culturale Candiani in Mestre, or Enrico Gusella, critic and historian of photography, with the presentation of his recent book Sulla fotografia e oltre. During the inauguration to report the historic meeting between two of the greatest representatives of the culture and commitment of the European feminist, philosopher Luisa Muraro and the star of the exhibition, the octogenarian photographer Letizia Battaglia.

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