Start June 12 expedition of youngs from Trentino for Greenland

Federico Modica, Mattia Felicetti, Bejamin Kofler, Ralf Brunel, Graziano Bosin, Alice Russolo, Luca Zanon.

The team of 7 will be engaged from June 12 to June 26 in an original expedition that Montura has decided to support for the high "propositional" capacity of the group that brings together the strengths of several valleys of Trentino and has proven since the beginninng of the project a big creativity in communication, truly exemplary and an inspiration for the youth that comes close to outdoor activities.

Montura Iceberg Challenge is an expedition which has a double objectives.

The first, sporty looks, is to work with a slackline in an extreme environment like the iceberg. A slackline is a rope that is stretched between two fixed points and then walk by an athlete,one slackliner.
To achieve this you will need:
- Finding one or more icebergs that meet certain characteristics;
- Climbing with the help of ice axes and crampons;
- Identify a point where the two ends of the slackline set;
- Walking the slackline.

The second aspect is cultural, namely the creation of a documentary feature film. «My idea, and above all my hope - says Federico Modica, leader of the project - is to create a long story about 50 minutes / 1 hour. Within the story will alternate moments of SPORT EXTREME with other chapters are: INUIT CULTURE and LIFE, PREPARATION in our valleys (Fiemme and Fassa) and TRIP. Finally we would like to deal in our history the delicate issue of global warming and the resulting melting of the glacier».

All live on and and on our social channels.