December 9th Alpstation Andalo inauguration day

MONTURA is opening a new reference point for the mountain lovers of the western area of Italy’s Trentino region: the Alpstation Andalo is set between the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dolomiti di Brenta and the Paganella Mountain.

The inauguration day is on Saturday 9 december 2017 from 4pm to 6pm with music, buffet and with the extraordinary partecipation of the World Ski Cup. For the all day a 20% discount is applied on Montura products.

The new Alpstation Andalo is located on via Paganella 8 and offers plenty of parking space. A large selection of Montura clothing and footwear is available for those who enjoy mountaineering, ski mountaineering, hiking, running and sport climbing. The store also offers an assortment of garments from the Urban Montura lines for those who are seeking the benefits of comfortable, high-performance sportswear without sacrificing elegance.

Aside from Montura products, Alpstation Andalo also presents a broad assortment of camping, travel, ski mountaineering and mountaineering gear along with snowshoes and walking poles for everyone from beginners to experts. In addition, the Alpstation Andalo is also a service centre for those who love the outdoors to rent ski mountaineering gear, winter trekking and via ferrata hiking. It also offers reliable service for ski preparation and maintenance.

Alpstation Andalo periodically organizes events; it is part of the Trentino region’s Guide Alpine Activity network and also offers the full range of Montura Editing published works. The store’s personnel is highly qualified and is made up of Claudio, a mountain guide and Montura technician; Ilenia, a mountain climber and ski instructor; Cece, a highland mountain guide, ski instructor and a technician for the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps.

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