News from Mets Trade - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, November 15th 2017 - It was an important day for Montura at the Metstrade in Amsterdam, where the Italian clothing company presented Keep Sailing, a new sailing line rich in innovative solutions and realized with technologies applied for the first time in the world of sailing.

Montura, that after thirty years of experience is considered as one of the leaders in clothing production for outdoor activities in general, came to the launch of the Keep Sailing line after four years of research and development. Determinants have been the advice of a selected group of sailors, accustomed to considering the sailing clothing as true protection systems. Among them there is the Italian Sailor of the Year Gaetano Mura, an historic friend of Montura, the sailing World champion Enrico Zennaro and Sergio Caramel, skipper of the Melges 24 Arkanoè Aleali by Montura, who, with his young crew, won the Sportboats European Champion in the Corinthian division. In 2017 Enrico Tettamanti, during his historic North West Passage, and OASTAR's sailor Michele Zambelli were able to complete tests for the "big cold".

"Since Montura has decided to look to the sea, the relationship between the athletes and the company has been unbroken," says Sergio Caramel, one of the closest consultants of the Italian clothing company. "The company has enthusiastically married our project and we started using the first prototypes already a couple of seasons ago onboard our Melges 24 and, at the same time, we began to send our feedback, suggesting changes and arrangements we think are useful to perfect each one of them. By comparing with designers and collaborating with others partners, such as ONEsails for his decade's commemorative jacket, innovative ideas have emerged, like the neck protection offered by the Altura jacket".

"The process of creating Keep Sailing has been very fascinating and it's great to have been part of it," says Enrico Zennaro, a recent winner of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup with Supernikka. "From the very beginning I realized that we were moving in the right direction and now, after a couple of seasons, we are ready to launch a line of unique garments for details and quality of the materials. I have no doubts that we have a product that can compete with the most well-known brands in the nautical world".

Headlines of the new line, made using the latest Goretex generation, are the Altura jacket and pants and the spray top, which made its official debut at the 49th Barcolana in Trieste.

The Keep Sailing line is then complemented by a varied range of ad hoc garments.