Con Stefano e Tineke percorrendo l'Italia in bicicletta

Stefano and Tineke are two travellers of excellence. For this trip, that's going to last a year, they've chosen to ride bicycles.

It's a trip to discover and to let others discover, a trip to learn and to share. It's an excuse to satisfy the curiosity to discover new places and the passion for the outdoor life. This adventure doesn't have any presumptions. It's not a sport venture, there's no pressure on time, rhythm or performance and there isn't any “competition obsession”.

Through their blog they describe and narrate the Italy that they love in oder to raise people's awareness of the environment and on responsible tourism.

They left on the 1st April and they're going to travel nearly 8000 km through all 20 Italian regions. They left from Verona to descend and then come back up the “Boot” to narrate of a country, Italy, that has the fortune of linking and unifying thousands of years of culture among rich and fascinating natural landscapes.