First International Camp of Speleology of Speleo-Glaciology 2014

Inside the glaciers: it starts the collaboration between Montura and La Venta

First International Camp of Speleo-Glaciology 2014 - Gorner Glacier (CH)

Project "Inside the glaciers"

Organizers: Alessio Romeo and Francesco Sauro

Between 17 and October 27, 2014, on the Gorner Glacier in the Valais region of Switzerland was held the First International Camp of Speleo-Glaciology.
The base camp was located not far from the trail to the Monte Rosa Hutte on the central moraine of the glacier, 2500m above sea level.
The event was attended by a total of 46 people of different nationalities: 32 Italians, four English, 7 French, 1 Lithuanian, 1 Latvian and 1 Swiss.
Participants were concerned about what is necessary to bring tents and sleeping equipment as well as the staff for progression in the cave.
The organization has instead provided two tents for Base Camp to accommodate a kitchen-table and a warehouse materials. The organization provided about 700 m of rope and over 60 ice pitons and carabiners.

The main objective of the camp was the exploration and the topography of the glacier mills. Between October 18 and 27 have been identified and explored twenty glacial cavity including three of contact. Some of these were also topographed and photographed.

In the coming months the material collected will be used to create a map of the glacier,  showing  the main glacial mills and the cavities of contact; attached it will implement a document indicating the geographical position, the topographic survey of the cave if it exist, photographic images, the 3D input and various informations so it can be used in the future for explorations, new studies and research projects.

The camp was attended together with researchers from the Natural History Museum in Paris who has been involved in the project with the French Association GRAIL Spélé'ice and dealing to study micro-algae and extremophiles beings in cryoconites of Greenland cap.
The results of the camp will be published as soon as possible and reorganized in order to become a useful document for future work of exploration and research on this ice giant who for so many years is a destination for cavers from all over Europe and multidisciplinary researchers.

The range included in the project "Inside the glaciers" was supported by the European Speleological Federation, the French Association Spélé'ice, the Commission for Speleolgia CAI, Montura, Scurion, Calzature Gaibana, Intermatica, DRYHEAT, Sovendi, the logistics Associazione La Venta, the Società Speleologica Italiana and the CNSAS.

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