Sherpa Vertical is an uphill race for charity. It is a non-competitive race with a length of 5,500 m and 1,227 m D + starting from Ref. Balasso (1,100 m) and arrival at Cima Palon (2,227 m).
The only prerogative to participate: you need to carry food (canned food, rice and long-life food) in your backpack, which are then sent to the Mato Grosso Operation missions in Peru. The male participants have to carry a quantity of food equal to 10% of their body weight, while for the female participants the weight is reduced to 8%. The first edition was organized in May 2016 and immediately gained the interest of many runners but also of simple mountaineers who share the same desire to donate.

Positive altitude difference of 1227 meters.
Hiking trails category E (Cai - Escursionistico)
Departure from Piazzale Ref. M. Balasso, follow the path Cai nr. 311 up to the entrance of the Val Canale path Cai nr. 300, following the path to the Ref. A.Papa, continue with arrival at Cima Palon long the path that runs along the Bivouac.

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