SHERPA VERTICAL: The more you Weigh, The more you Help

     No words are able to express the feelings and emotions of a shared experience, so: put your rucksack on and get going! The first Sherpa Vertical was born from this specific awareness but also to promote the projects of the mountain huts in Perù, on the White Range. This whole project has been promoted and managed by the “Operazione Mato Grosso”, a voluntary association in Schio, through the help of another association: the “Guide Don Bosco”.

     But what is this “Sherpa Vertical”? It's a charity mountain race. The participants begin the race from  “Rifugio Balasso, at the foot of Mountain Pasubio, and finish at Cima Palon at  2.227 m a.s.l. The name of the race already implies its peculiarity, for once the participants won't run with the essentials but for the essentials, in this way the'll actually help the disadvantaged populations of the Andes.

     “The more you weigh, the more you help”. The participants will have to run with a rucksack that carries food supplies. These will correspond to 10% of the weight of the participant if they're a male while they'll correspond to 8% if they're a female. All the supplies will be donated to the “Operazione Matto Grosso (O.M.G)” at the finishing line. Every participant is asked to bring 5 kg of supplies, tin food and rice, while the rest of the supplies are offered by MONTURA, which has collaborated with the O.M.G for many years, in order to support the Andean Guides Association, “Don Bosco de en los Andes”.The “Sherpa Vertical” was conceived by the sports trainer Antonio Pasqualotto, he was inspired by the “Andes Trail race, which takes place on the White Range at the bottom of the Nevado Huascaran (6.768m). This race, that saw its first edition in 2015, was created with the objective of developing an economy on the White Range through an always more conscious sportive tourism. As the promoters say: “The Ande Trail race represents the desire to try and run as high and as far as possible”. The Sherpa Vertical was in fact created from the same running passion and vision, which sees sports as a vehicle of consciousness and tool for raising awarness.

     From hut to hut on Mount. Pasubio like on the Andes. A step at a time towards the destination, which allows you to widen your horizon: not only on the landscape side but, most importantly, on the humane side. An individual step by step race that has a charity collective goal. A step at a time, with a weight on the shoulders to remember that the Sherpa Vertical is not a race like any other. A step at a time, racing on a mountain path of solidarity.