Montura presents 'The Sounds of the Dolomites', a Music Festival on the Trentino's Dolomites

The festival, 'The Sounds of the Dolomites' offers, from the 2nd July to the 26th August, nineteen events between the summits of the Trentino's Dolomites.
For 22 years the Dolomites have offered to musician unique landscapes where they can express their melodies.

It's an itinerary music festival where the audience, as well as the artists, have to reach the location of the show. The landscapes that have to be crossed are in fact those of the Dolomites, it's a World Heritage Site which has been part of the protected locations by UNESCO since 2009.    

It's a landscape scenery of irresistible charm made of: rocks, grass, woods and wind. Last but not least, its scenery is also precious for its acoustic space, where notes echo up towards the top and expand all around; developing in this way new and original shades and inflections. Up there, where the landscape is scenography and stage, the music breathes like in no other place, it converses with silence and repels any everyday sound. The strings and the wood of the violins and cellos bow to the air; clarinets, trumpets and saxophones soar up to clouds and every voice magically transforms into a choir. 

The sublime beauty of the Pallidi mountains offer inspiration to well-known musicians who express their art in various types of music: from classical, to jazz, to world music up to traditional author folk music. Some of the main artist this year are: Mischa Maisky, Stefano Bollani, Mari Boine, Ballake Sissoko, Giuliano Carmignola, Mario Brunello, Yong Min Cho, Neri Marcorè, Franco D’Andrea, Markus Stockhausen and Cristina Donà.

Some concerts will take place in the early afternoon, others at dawn, and sometimes near the mountain refuges. The events are distributed on the Trentino territory, to find out more about the Festival's program please visit the website: 'I Suoni delle Dolomiti'. 

'I Suoni delle Dolomiti' perceive music as a universal language and the mountain as a space of freedom. For this reason, Montura is side by side with the organisation of the festival. The affinity with the program sparked from the shared desire to discover new spaces and forms of expressions that, as it happens in Montura's projects, offer moments of comparison and meeting on different levels of communication. It's a friendship that was born from the experimentation of the shared path towards art and mountain.