Let's continue the story of the photography project “The Other Side”, here we'll introduce another photographer out of the four key photographers of the project: Maurizio Biancarelli.

Maurizio doesn't have any doubts on how his love for nature, and then for photography, was born in him, to this question he answers with no hesitation; everything originated during his childhood. Thanks to his long summer holidays surrounded by the Umbria's countryside, where he was in close contact with an environment full of biodiversity, he was pulled to develop his knowledge and love for plants, animals, and of course, nature and environment itself. These early experiences, like the endless games outdoors, where he was free to play and move with his mates in every corner and space, left him with an indelible mark that nurtured his deep interest for nature. With the passing of time he developed an interest for photography as a tool to approach nature in a different way, an approach more related to media. His relationship with the natural world and mother nature is based on a balance between to sides. A scientific view, which he developed thanks to his degree in Pharmacy and through the attendance of a course in Natural Sciences, with an artistic approach and view shaped on poetry. In his pictures in fact, the cultural scientific background and the search for beauty blend together perfectly. 

The beauty, with its thousands splendours which the landscape is able to offer throughout the seasons, is his favourite subject. However, it's been a while now that Maurizio feels the need to go beyond this subject and start to tell stories. Stories on the landscapes that change, develop; stories of the animals that live in these landscapes, their lives, the difficulties that they have to overcome to survive and the, usually not easy, relationship that they have with human beings. Our author hopes that through the strong communicative power of photography he'll be able to transmit the value and the need of a clean and healthy environment, furthermore the contribution to the building of a more tolerant attitude and behaviour of all the other animals.


When I was asked to participate to the project “The Other Side” I didn't have to think one second, my spontaneous “yes” was so fast that I was actually amazed by it. This wasn't the first time that I was involved in a project with other photographers actually, but in this case, knowing that I would have worked on the Italian landscape, focusing deeply on the very much loved mountains of the peninsula, the well known ones and others to discover, played a fundamental role in lightning my immediate interest for this opportunity that I was offered. So, I said “yes” and, as time went passed, I increasingly realised that I made the right decision. For “The Other Side” I visited places that I probably would have never visited myself. I met people deeply connected to the mountains, listened to their stories and shared experiences with the other members of this ambitious project. The difficulties that we've encountered, the achievements and the failures are all elaborated and filtered through a different atmosphere, not in an individual bubble, but through continuous comparing and sharing. In this way we weren't stuck to our individual sphere, but we were able to renew and sharpen our ability to see beyond one's horizon.

It's an ideal situation to refine your own sensibility where one tries to give its best in the not easy search of a new and original relationship with the extraordinary landscape of the Italian mountains. A nice opportunity to perfect one's point of view and to offer to the public, trough pictures, a captivating and current vision of the varied Italian environment and nature.


Foto 1: Bosco di Sasseto,  monumentale con varie specie secolari : faggi, lecci, cerri, tigli, castagni, tra le principali. Alta Tuscia viterbese, Lazio
Foto 2: Luce dell’alba sui calanchi ammantati di nebbia,  Valle dei Calanchi, Lazio
Foto 3: Le nuvole scorrono veloci sospinte da venti impetuosi sulle vette del Corno Stella (3050 m) , Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime, Piemonte
Foto 4: Riflessi sul Lago del Claus, Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime, Piemonte
Foto 5: Luce misteriosa su Piano Grande e Fosso Mergani in primavera, Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini , Umbria e Marche
Foto 6: Monte Cucco in  autunno, Umbria
Foto 7: Nuvole leggere avvolgono morbidi pendii nel Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillin, Umbria e Marche
Foto 8: Il sole sorge mentre uno spesso strato di nebbia ristagna nelle vallate all’alba. Gole della Rossa, Parco Regionale Gole della Rossa e di Frasassi, Marche
Foto 9: Rododendron ferrugineum, rododendri in fiore a primavera nel Laghetto delle Streghe in Alpe Devero, Piemonte
Foto 10: Le acque  del fiume Alcantara scorrono tra le rocce basaltiche in primavera, nelle omonile gole, Sicilia
Foto 11: Maurizio Biancarelli