The exploratory expedition K2014-150CAI with Montura Main Sponsor start your tour of the national presentation

Great expectations for the first filmed images and previously unpublished photographs of the exploratory expedition Patronage National CAI, Italian Alpine Club.

On the flanks of the impressive South Kanchenzonga and Zemu Ridge, with 7 virgin peaks, 7 cols touched and the crossing of the three glaciers of Talung, South Simvo and Tonghsiong, the last 2 unexplored areas through ever documented by human eye, Saturday evening from 17pm and Sunday afternoon from 15pm Italian participants of the international team that has operated in the months of April and May in Eastern Himalaya will tell to friends the recent exploratory adventure in the comfortable Rifugio Campogrosso.

First Himalayan expedition in history to obtain permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the of India governor of Sikkim to enter from the south on the remote mountains between the mythical Goecha-La and Zemu Gap, after having passed the difficult forest suspended over the gorges of the valleys Ronggyaong and Rukel (1-week journey on the subtropical forest and in full isolation, with prohibited use of the satellite phone) climbers have focused on the accessibility of Cresta Zemu, the surrounding peaks and glaciers, not neglecting cultural research on Vittorio Sella and Fosco Maraini, a precursor of exploration in Eastern Himalaya and first-class protagonists of Italian culture and the Italian Alpine Club.

The expedition has closed its research work bringing the testimonies of Sella and Maraini (the documents of 1899 and 1937) to the anthropologist Anna Balikci Denjongpa at the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology in Gangtok, picking up the enthusiasm of the Italian Consul General in Calcutta, arrived in the capital of the small Himalayan Kingdom to greet the expedition and officially start - thanks to the results achieved - diplomatic relations with the Governor of Sikkim.

ALBERTO PERUFFO (leader, Italy)
ENRICO FERRI (photographer, Italy)

PS: The first header is a photo by Anindya Mukherjee and shows Siniolchun from South Simvo Glacier, the same mountain photographed by Vittorio Sella in 1899 from the opposite side and cover of the book SUMMIT, considered by W.D. Freshfield one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The September of MONTAGNE360 - official magazine of Italian Club Alpine - offer 16-pages to the expedition (with a special portfolio of photographer Enrico Ferri), in July also hosted on the home page of the ANSA.